World War III, announced by the Twitter Hackers!

Twitter taken over by the Hackers! Few hackers that took over the Twitter account of the New York Post and even the United Press International on Friday, started writing bogus messages, the messages including about the hostilities that are breaking out between the United States and China.

“World War III has begun” this was a tweet posted under the UPI account quoted Pope Francis.

An other bogus message by the hackers, delivered on the Post account, which said the USS George Washington in an aircraft carrier, tweeted “engaged in active combat” against the Chinese warship in the South China Sea.

All these tweets were deleted, subsequently.

News corporation-owned post tweeted that “Our Twitter account was briefly hacked and we are investigating.”

One of the post on UPI said, “Just in: Bank of America CEO calls for calm: Saving accounts will not be affected by Federal reserve decision.”

Later, the UPI said that it was hacked and it said in a statement that “Six fake headlines were posted in 10 minutes.” The UPI said in a tweet that “World War III has not started, thankfully.”

And then a Pentagon official tweeted about the hostilities with China was “Not true.”

ISRO Mars Mission Team won the prestigious space pioneer award!

India has done it! The Mars Mission gets its reward! ISRO’s Mars Mission team has won the prestigious Space Pioneer Award, 2015. In the category of Science and Engineering, recognizing the achievement by the team in the very first attempt!

The Space Pioneer Award was given by the National Space Society, which would be presented to the ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Programme Team during the National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference, 2015 which is to be held in Toronto in May from 02 to 24.

The Mars Orbiter Mission was launched on November 5, 2013 and it was in the Mars orbit on September 24, 2014.

The National Space Society, in an official statement said that the mission archived two important missions. First being the, Indian spacecraft has gone into the orbit around Mars on the very first attempt on 24th of September. India succeeded it in the first attempt, which no country has ever done.

The second is the spacecraft is in elliptical orbit with a high apoapsis, which is the point which is orbiting objects is farthest away from the body in the orbit. It also has the high resolution camera which is taking full disk color imagery of Mars.

The Indian Mission to Mars cost around $74 million, which is the cheapest space mission ever, it is even less that a Hollywood film as said by Mr. Modi. US and Russia were the first to the Mission Mars, but neither of them did it in the first attempt.

ISRO’s Mangalyaan mission earned a tag of being one among the best inventions of 2014 by the Indian Magazine. It described as a technology that would allow India to flex its “Interplanetary muscles.”

NRI’s can e-vote within 8 weeks, SC issues orders to Center!

Now, NRI’s will be able to cast their vote from abroad. As the Supreme Court orders, NRI’s don’t have to fly back home to cast there vote during the time of elections. The SC directed this issue to the Central Government and make the e-voting available to the NRI’s with in eight weeks.

The Central Government said that the court has approved the e-voting for the Indian passport holders who stay in abroad, as it was recommended by the Election Commission and this would applicable after amending laws.

The Supreme Court ordered the Center that the e-ballot should be applicable at the earliest. As their are about 11 million NRI’s estimated from across the world. This act by the Supreme Court will allow them to participate and caste their vote directly in the elections, the largest democratic country, India.

The process of the e-voting is done as the blank postal ballot paper which is emailed to the voter, the voter has to fill the form and mail the same to their constituency.

Back in 2010, the government allowed the right to vote to the NRI’s, but ordered them to be present in their constituency at the time of voting. But this e-voting involves very less risk and their would be no manipulation because their would no violation of the secrecy in this system, said the Election Commission.

Before the SC took over, the Election Commission has two options of allowing the NRI’s to caste their vote, the Electronic Voting Machines be kept in the embassies when they can personally go and vote or the proxy voting.

But Mr. VS Sampath, Chief Election Commissioner said that the Electronic Voting Machine was not possible as in some nations NRI’s are more in number, as equal to the native population, and the embassies would not be able to handle the rush.

Divers Found the AirAsia’s Black Box!

Indonesia: The divers found one black box and located the other one underwater on Monday from the AirAsia crash that happened two weeks ago. This is the key search and this development would help the investigators find out the cause that let the aircraft to crash into the Java Sea.

Suryadi Bambang Supriyadi, the Operation Coordinator at the National Search and Rescue Agency said, “The voice recorder from the cockpit was found just few hours after the officials claimed that the data flight recorder has been recovered from under a piece of the aircraft’s wing and was handed over to the search department.”

He later said that it was still under the heavy wreckage and so the divers are having a tough time to free it at a depth of 32 meters which is almost of 105 feet.

A day after, when the three Indonesian ships picked up the intense search from that particular area, but were unable to continue search and were not able to see the devices due to the very strong currents and poor visibility, the divers began zeroing in, on that particular site.

These two instruments, emit the signals from their beacons and so are important to understand what caused the Flight 8501 to crash into the Java Sea killing all 162 people on board on December 28. These provide important information which includes the vertical and horizontal speed of the plan even the temperature of the engine along with the final conversation between the captain and co-pilot.

This data recorder was lodged in debris from under the wing which was at a depth of about 30 meters which is roughly 100 feet. Supriyadi said, “Once it was found, divers concentrates on locating the source of the other ping heard only a few meters away.”

An investigator at the National Committee for the Safety Transportation, Nurcahyo Utomo said, Once the second device is recovered, both these boxes would be taken to the capital, Jakarta for the analysis, which could take almost two weeks to download the data.

As of now only 48 bodies were recovered. Many are yet to search. The officials hope that the search gets complete with all bodies found. Once the black box data is downloaded then the mistery would be solved, about how this crashed into the Java Sea.

Hyderabad Records Worst dip in Groundwater!

The city has recorded the worst dip of Groundwater level and so making them depend on the Water Boards supply. The areas that are worst hit in the city are Nampally and Kulsumpura, the water level were recorded and were pushed down by 8.7 m and 6.7 m. In these areas the groundwater was available at a depth of 3 m in Nampally and 3.7 m in Kulsumura in December 2013 but now they dropped to 11.7 m and 10.4 m in these areas in December 2014.

Not only in these two areas but the water level has dipped in many areas and so is completely depended on the Water Board’s supply. Marredpalli, Sanjeevanreddynagar and even Darulshifa as always are out of water. In these three areas the water levels are the lowest and are numbered at 22.5 m, 19.6 m and11.6 m.

The state groundwater department, in the Hyderabad districts limits, when the water was available at an average depth of 6.9 m in December 2013 but as of December 2014 the water level was 9.46 m, which is a drop of 2.52 m. The water level of Ranga Reddy district, which is considered the major part of the Greater Hyderabad limits, dipped to 12.7 m from 8.62 m. The RR district which is out of 37 mandals only Tandur records little improvement by just 55 cm, and the Bantawaram mandal has the worst fall in the water level from 5.3 m in December 2013 to 24.17 in December 2014, which is the difference of18.87 m.

Few experts say that the fall of the ground water may be a cause of the rising number of bore wells and even the improper recharge. Experts even say that the Rain water harvesting methods are causing the damage to the ground water levels. Ramesh Kumar who is the deputy director of the ground water department said, “Te city has a 40% deficit in the rainfall during the last monsoon season. In few areas, people are drawing water from upto 250 m whereas it is only permitted level to draw waters is only 120 m.”

Technology Should Reach the Poor! Says PM

On Saturday, Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi said that the Science helped our country to shape into modern India and even congratulated all the scientists for their dedication and pioneering work that they have contributed and that work placed the nation in the forefront globally.

Mr. Modi, at the 102nd session of the Indian Science Congress, said while addressing the people, “ Science has helped shape modern India.. It was the pioneering projects undertaken by our scientists that build outstanding institutions with modest resources.. That helped place India at the forefront of the world in many areas.”

While addressing he said that the nation’s progress is inter-linked with the human development and to the science & technology. He even said that, if slightly mishandled, then it could also increase inequality and damage the environment.

They both are connected, and it can remove national barriers, unify the world and even gets peace to the world. As the Science and Technology would get nations, wether poor or rich together and face the global challenges.

He even congratulated the ISRO, Indian Space Research Organization for its achievement of placing the Mangalyan in the Mars orbit on its First attempt. “Whenever the world shut its doors on us, our scientists responded with zeal of a national mission”. Prime Minister said.

He also said that the Science and Technology should reach everyone in our country. Rich or poor, should have the access to Technology. He said that, the arms of Science and Technology and even Innovation should reach the poorest, the remotest and to the vulnerable persons.

The Indian Science Congress which is at the University of Mumbai would see deliberation and even the presentations of papers by scientists and Nobel laureates from around the world.

Since, after 45 years, the Science Congress has returned to Mumbai and so this would showcasing Mumbai as the science hub and also the financial capital of India.

Online Grievance system for ‘Smart Andhra Pradesh’!

The Andhra Pradesh Government, as a part of ‘Smart Andhra Pradesh’ will soon launch the online Grievance system, as a part of its flagship program.

The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, N. Chandra Babu Naidu, will be launching the ‘Mee Kosam’ which is the online grievance monitoring system, before 15th of January.

Through this Mee Kosam, people can check their grievance status, representation by entering their Aadhar number or even the grievance number. This decision was taken at a review meeting, which was between Naidu and other officials of the information technology department, said an official.

Mr. Naidu, said that by setting by an e-Governance society which would help to track and monitor and progress of delivery of the citizen services online. He also asked the IT department to design a plan, in view of to bring in country’s first “Right to good governance Act.”

He said to the department to distribute 10,000 tablets to all the village-level officers immediately. Which would help in collection of the data on public welfare schemes and few key indicators and upload it online.

The sunrise start up will begin by March. The IT adviser, J.Satyanarayana informed him that the incubation centers in Kakinada and Tirupati are ready to operate. Mr. Naidu suggested to the officials to have incubation centers in the universities and colleges, as well.

The Digital Literacy camps to be held by the Government in Ananthapur, Chitoor, Guntur, West Godavari and in Srikakulam districts. Mr. Naidu would lay the foundation for the Signature Tower at Madhurawada in Visakhapatam by March. He said it would be the symbol of resurgence of IT in Andhra Pradesh.

He said to the officials to start working on this, as it would help develop Andhra Pradesh in a smart way.