Hyderabad Records Worst dip in Groundwater!

The city has recorded the worst dip of Groundwater level and so making them depend on the Water Boards supply. The areas that are worst hit in the city are Nampally and Kulsumpura, the water level were recorded and were pushed down by 8.7 m and 6.7 m. In these areas the groundwater was available at a depth of 3 m in Nampally and 3.7 m in Kulsumura in December 2013 but now they dropped to 11.7 m and 10.4 m in these areas in December 2014.

Not only in these two areas but the water level has dipped in many areas and so is completely depended on the Water Board’s supply. Marredpalli, Sanjeevanreddynagar and even Darulshifa as always are out of water. In these three areas the water levels are the lowest and are numbered at 22.5 m, 19.6 m and11.6 m.

The state groundwater department, in the Hyderabad districts limits, when the water was available at an average depth of 6.9 m in December 2013 but as of December 2014 the water level was 9.46 m, which is a drop of 2.52 m. The water level of Ranga Reddy district, which is considered the major part of the Greater Hyderabad limits, dipped to 12.7 m from 8.62 m. The RR district which is out of 37 mandals only Tandur records little improvement by just 55 cm, and the Bantawaram mandal has the worst fall in the water level from 5.3 m in December 2013 to 24.17 in December 2014, which is the difference of18.87 m.

Few experts say that the fall of the ground water may be a cause of the rising number of bore wells and even the improper recharge. Experts even say that the Rain water harvesting methods are causing the damage to the ground water levels. Ramesh Kumar who is the deputy director of the ground water department said, “Te city has a 40% deficit in the rainfall during the last monsoon season. In few areas, people are drawing water from upto 250 m whereas it is only permitted level to draw waters is only 120 m.”