Divers Found the AirAsia’s Black Box!

Indonesia: The divers found one black box and located the other one underwater on Monday from the AirAsia crash that happened two weeks ago. This is the key search and this development would help the investigators find out the cause that let the aircraft to crash into the Java Sea.

Suryadi Bambang Supriyadi, the Operation Coordinator at the National Search and Rescue Agency said, “The voice recorder from the cockpit was found just few hours after the officials claimed that the data flight recorder has been recovered from under a piece of the aircraft’s wing and was handed over to the search department.”

He later said that it was still under the heavy wreckage and so the divers are having a tough time to free it at a depth of 32 meters which is almost of 105 feet.

A day after, when the three Indonesian ships picked up the intense search from that particular area, but were unable to continue search and were not able to see the devices due to the very strong currents and poor visibility, the divers began zeroing in, on that particular site.

These two instruments, emit the signals from their beacons and so are important to understand what caused the Flight 8501 to crash into the Java Sea killing all 162 people on board on December 28. These provide important information which includes the vertical and horizontal speed of the plan even the temperature of the engine along with the final conversation between the captain and co-pilot.

This data recorder was lodged in debris from under the wing which was at a depth of about 30 meters which is roughly 100 feet. Supriyadi said, “Once it was found, divers concentrates on locating the source of the other ping heard only a few meters away.”

An investigator at the National Committee for the Safety Transportation, Nurcahyo Utomo said, Once the second device is recovered, both these boxes would be taken to the capital, Jakarta for the analysis, which could take almost two weeks to download the data.

As of now only 48 bodies were recovered. Many are yet to search. The officials hope that the search gets complete with all bodies found. Once the black box data is downloaded then the mistery would be solved, about how this crashed into the Java Sea.