NRI’s can e-vote within 8 weeks, SC issues orders to Center!

Now, NRI’s will be able to cast their vote from abroad. As the Supreme Court orders, NRI’s don’t have to fly back home to cast there vote during the time of elections. The SC directed this issue to the Central Government and make the e-voting available to the NRI’s with in eight weeks.

The Central Government said that the court has approved the e-voting for the Indian passport holders who stay in abroad, as it was recommended by the Election Commission and this would applicable after amending laws.

The Supreme Court ordered the Center that the e-ballot should be applicable at the earliest. As their are about 11 million NRI’s estimated from across the world. This act by the Supreme Court will allow them to participate and caste their vote directly in the elections, the largest democratic country, India.

The process of the e-voting is done as the blank postal ballot paper which is emailed to the voter, the voter has to fill the form and mail the same to their constituency.

Back in 2010, the government allowed the right to vote to the NRI’s, but ordered them to be present in their constituency at the time of voting. But this e-voting involves very less risk and their would be no manipulation because their would no violation of the secrecy in this system, said the Election Commission.

Before the SC took over, the Election Commission has two options of allowing the NRI’s to caste their vote, the Electronic Voting Machines be kept in the embassies when they can personally go and vote or the proxy voting.

But Mr. VS Sampath, Chief Election Commissioner said that the Electronic Voting Machine was not possible as in some nations NRI’s are more in number, as equal to the native population, and the embassies would not be able to handle the rush.

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