World War III, announced by the Twitter Hackers!

Twitter taken over by the Hackers! Few hackers that took over the Twitter account of the New York Post and even the United Press International on Friday, started writing bogus messages, the messages including about the hostilities that are breaking out between the United States and China.

“World War III has begun” this was a tweet posted under the UPI account quoted Pope Francis.

An other bogus message by the hackers, delivered on the Post account, which said the USS George Washington in an aircraft carrier, tweeted “engaged in active combat” against the Chinese warship in the South China Sea.

All these tweets were deleted, subsequently.

News corporation-owned post tweeted that “Our Twitter account was briefly hacked and we are investigating.”

One of the post on UPI said, “Just in: Bank of America CEO calls for calm: Saving accounts will not be affected by Federal reserve decision.”

Later, the UPI said that it was hacked and it said in a statement that “Six fake headlines were posted in 10 minutes.” The UPI said in a tweet that “World War III has not started, thankfully.”

And then a Pentagon official tweeted about the hostilities with China was “Not true.”