Rapes In India v/s The Society v/s The Policies!

Saw the BBC Documentary!

The ban by the Government is just not done! If the Government wants to Ban something the BAN those Ministers who speak out utter nonsense about Women, Rape and so called a Good Girl.

I stand up; do my part for the Justice! Just a share for this video won’t really change anything or stop the number of rapes in India. It is just the matter of awareness!

Women are just not someone who takes care of home, cook food and do house work! We can do better than MEN!

Parents: Stop saying us how to be, what to Wear and how to Talk! Instead, teach your SON how to behave like a GENTLEMAN!
STOP saying that Girls don’t go out and work it is so shameful. What the hell is so shameful about a Girl Working? Even We contribute to our families!

Government: Give instant Punishment for those who commit such crimes. Such that no one else would even dare to Comment on Women as he did or few Ministers did!

– This is what I share on Facebook after seeing the ‘India’s Daughter’ by the BBC Journalist.

I was indeed hurt! Yes, it pains! Yes I had tears! Government decision for this to ban the Documentary won’t help. If the documentary Ban or No Ban won’t change much. The mindset of the people here in India should change.

People like the Defence lawyers went on to say that Women don’t have any place in our culture! Oh yea?? Who the hell gave you birth? Why did you let her live? Why did you marry a Woman and have Children?

No! It’s not the Women fault. We are not at fault. If the government has to take any action or at-least Act that it is doing something to tackle this then catch them. As a lawyer went on records saying that he would take his Daughter to his farm house and burn her alive. Well, this would be a good punishment for those who commit the Crime!

#ItsHerFault says the accused and the defence lawyers. Why? They both say that a Good Girl doesn’t goes out after evening. Girl should not wear jeans. Girls should not talk to guys. Well then, what do they have to say about a 2 year old girl being raped? What do they have to say for months girl gets raped?

It has nothing to do with the attire you Idiot!!! These views and they should not be entertained any more. Sack these lawyers! Give maximum punishment for those who commit! Actually, the Centre should not only promote the “Swatch Bharath” they should promote the same in terms of the crime.

It should clean the politics. This would be challenge to the government, as of one of the lawyer said on the documentary that about 250 sitting members of the Parliament have pending rape cases against them. I dare the government do this; I would be proud of the government than before.

Why ban Valentines’ day? Why not BAN those Ministers who give such senseless statements. When a minister says Boys will be boys. Then it is the Boy’s fault. Why blame the girl, you idiot Minister.

One Minister goes on record saying that, why should she be out at night at 3am? Well, the time that doesn’t matters, Minister!! Dressing provokes? Well, how would that Minister/Men justify this statement when a 2 year girl is raped!

Well, change this shit mindset Ministers/Lawyers so called Men!

Ministers, India is watching You!

Sadvika. Kylash.