Life after kids..

Its been very long that I went off writing. Now, being a mother of two girls, keeps me very busy. If I may, all day and all night that wouldn’t be wrong. A pre schooler and a toddler, both together make things worst. Lol Yes!

Dealing with all the sleepless nights with both the kids and to waking up the elder one for school, is challenging sometimes. They wakeup soon as I wake them? Haha no!!

Even though being in the middle of all this mischief they do, I kind of enjoy it. May be for that point of time I might go all crazy saying they are the naughtiest kids one could ever have. But at times, that make me smile thinking about how mischievously creative their minds are!

We parents can never match their level of crazy creativity nor their energy. They eat good, without any problem?? If I can, hahahaing..! They have a problem to every solution related to food. No matter how delicious a meal may be. My elder one doesn’t show much interest in what I make for her. But, curious to taste/eat what I make for the younger one.

Ok….! They play, play, play and play, get tired and sleep?? Even here the answer is No! Even if their are tired they want to play even more. Or rather just for Mom’s sake sleep for a couple of minutes. I put both my daughters to sleep and before I could rest my back, one would get up… Its every mom’s story, I guess.

Well, going out as a family is not all enjoy types I tell you! Going out on a family dinner typically takes a couple of weeks planning. Even though sometimes something’s go wrong.

Struggling in between me-time, sleep, kids and yes, house chores it is always a happy time with kids. (As every parent says) Well, sometimes it can get soo overwhelming , though..!

One thought on “Life after kids..

  1. Yes you are ture but our life cycle is planned along with all this aspects with this pain and happiness it won’t be filled.


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