Proven Ways to Engage Kids in Activities.

During this lockdown period, stopping kids from going out to play areas is a task for me and I’m sure it is for most of the mothers out their. And we are worried about the increasing amount of time spent on smart gadgets during these times.

Well, kids now-a-days spending most of the time on phones which is increasing concerns for the family. I’ve put together some of the amazing DIY activities for kids that happened to be a hit for me. Read further to know more!!

These are the few activities that helped my kid stay away(a little) from the phones and TVs.

Shapes on floor
I just drew some shapes on floor with a chalk and as I was calling out the shapes, I asked my kid to jump onto that shape. She loved it! Well, kids love to jump, don’t they?

I drew/traced my kids palm on a paper and drew a peacock from it. She loved coloring it. I similarly drew few more shapes. As she was very much into coloring, I cut out whatever she colored and stick it onto her cupboard.
This made her even more interested in coloring.

Playing with plastic cups
This is my favorite, as it included a lot of physical activity for both me and my kid. I found this amazing activity from Neha, beyondherplatter an amazing mom blogger on Instagram. Do check out her video on the same.

Building blocks
Well, building blocks and Lego’s are in every home and every kids favorite. Both my kids love to play with them for like an hour together.
And so I have come up with color coded/separation task for my younger one. I call out the color and she collects all the same colors and put them a-side. The same with blocks, I call out the color and shape she does accordingly.

Stairs and Number Count
All the kids love to play on stairs. Yes, there is a risk though. But when we are around and its not jumping on the stairs, its ok!
Well, my kids should call out the number and the number name. Like Say 1 one, 2 two and so on.

Kids exercise
My girls get very excited with this activity. They are all pumped up and all set to do some small exercise with me as I make them do. They follow the correct way to do so for sometimes. And then after they do what they like.

I just put some good pump up music/song and let them enjoy. I sometimes dance along with them showing them some dance moves.
Its always super fun to dance with your kids.

Apart from these few activities, taking them to a park, for a walk or just a cycling round. Taking them to a nearby play areas which would help them to socialize with other kids, play along with them.

I would like to tell that every kid is different. Few things might work for my kids while the same might not work for yours. Enjoy the uniqueness of kids childhood and let them make the mess.

Good luck,

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