Do you think you are somewhere behind in Parenting?

If you could answer yourself a yes to the above-mentioned question, then this post is for you!

You are doing good mama..! You are good with what you are doing. Motherhood is a sweet journey with many wonderful memories with the little once. I’m sure we would have had some unforgettable memories with them.

Even before we realize that they are our tiny tots they would be growing up too fast than expected. They wanted to do a few things by themselves. Yes, this would be time-consuming and a mess to clean later for mothers. But as they say, we learn from our mistakes and so do they!

Below are a few things that my girls love to do by themselves.

Eating by themselves:

Kids, yes they are a little hard to understand sometimes. While they think they can eat by themselves, they create a mess. This is a little hard to clean up. But this is how they learn! Just let them sit on a chair on the dining table and give them what they like the most. Be it an Icecream or just a fruit. I fell this would be the easiest way to start Self Eating. Giving them little amount at a time would make it more convenient for them to finish. And the happiness that they finished is high and they get super excited.

House chores:

It is OK if we could give kids their list of to-do lists would help them to be more accountable for what needs to be done by them. We often do things by ourselves which can be done by them, just because it would take more time if we tell them to do. It’s ok let it take time. Few chores like, putting away the toys when they finish playing. Or putting away toys at the end of the day works for me.

Letting them do the house chores like

  • Asking them to help me while I put away the clean dishes.
  • Asking them to collect the empty water bottles, summertime!!
  • Asking them to put away pillows on to the couch, if any.
  • Telling them to help themselves for water.
  • Asking them to make their bed. Or try folding their blanket.

We can always allot works to kids according to their age.


Laundry is something that just tends to pile up for some reason. We all would have tons of laundry to do. And this is where the little helpers come to the rescue! Let us go by the series,

  • Ask them to load the washing machine. (Parents guidance needed)
  • While you put the detergent ask them to press the Start button
  • Call them when it is done and unload the machine.
  • Ask them to hand over the clothes to you while you hand them to dry.
  • Call upon the little helpers to help yo u fold the laundry.

Pro tip: giving them their clothes would keep them engaged a little longer and they would want to get the folding perfect.


Kids, sometimes give a very hard time for parents when it comes to trying on some new food. Try to include them in the making. I know this can be challenging. But when you prepare the food with them, they would be a little more interested in trying it out.

Disclaimer: Trying to convince kids to eat is a challenge anyway! Haha

 These are the few that worked for me and I wish this would have helped you as well.

Take care until next time,



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