Kids, who grow up in India!


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My India….!

Well, as momlifeandlifestyle is all about Parenting and Lifestyle, I would like to keep my theme almost same for this blog post as well.

Here in India, we mostly have Joint Families or families that are not living together but have really good relations with the other members of the family. In this blog I would like to discuss few of the points that I love about or Indian culture…

 Kids, who grew up in India:

 Joint Families or Nuclear Families who have good relations with other members of the Family:

  • Grandparents and some Amazing stories: Well, this combination cannot be separated. Grandparents always have stories to tell to grandchildren who enjoy a lot. They can spend like hours together listen to those stories.
  • Sharing would be the Early Life Lesson: As in a Joint Family there would be more that two kids and that make them be aware of sharing things. Right from early childhood sharing is thought and they would love to share it too. And with sharing, I would like to go upon the next point..
  • Share few things with other family members: As kids grow up, there would be few things that cannot be share with parents. Then kids could go to a family member to share or to get help. They would always have/get help.
  • Learn to adjust: As kids being kids! They fight, they play, and they laugh. This quality makes them learn to adjust with other kids. As they would have an idea of what the other wants. Our involvement is not needed. They fight and within a minute or so they get back together and play again. As said, kids being kids, after all. (Something that we, adults have to learn)
  • Double the Happiness:  This is for sure! No matter what the situation is one happy moment would make all the difference. And this type of home environment would make kids to be ‘Happy Kids’. And not just the Happiness but the Sorrows are also divided. The most important lesson for kids.
  • With cousins, Time passes by: This is such a fact! As in a Joint Families kids would have first cousins living in the same house. And they would have the best time. They would play together for quite a sometime. And yes, sometimes fights do happen. But they would play among themselves and as they grow up, kids would have the best company ever! Be it going out, chilling, doing some activity or studying — (just kidding) haha!
  • Trips are crazy: More the people, more the fun! This is true in case of joint family trips! They would be ultimate fun for kids. We adult might be interested in visiting different places but kids would be rather interested in playing. Come on, they are kids and won’t be much interested in places and its history. Yes, unless it’s a play area or a theme park!
  • Kids are never neglected: There might be times where the parent is busy with some work and could not attend kids. Kids would have other family members to go to. This makes them feel not neglected. The best of living in a Joint Family.
  • Celebrations are Fun: Any small good news would be a celebration. Birthdays and Anniversaries would be not less than an event to be celebrated. Celebrations in joint families would be ultimate grand events within family. Kids love celebrations, and so do we!
  • Kitchen is always busy: As there would be many people, the kitchen would be always busy with something or the other. And also as kids grow up they would love to have variety of snacks with their cousins.
  • Amazing Advices: People in a Joint Family would never be short of advices. As every member of the family would try to help each other when the other needs an advice or a suggestion. And kids with these amazing people helping with amazing advices would be helpful for them in long termbe it in taking advices or giving one!
  • Emergency Time: Kids learn from us! Emergencies are the times when we have to be with our family. No matter what time, if there is an emergency, we would have help right away! And is something that kids learn and be aware of the fact that they have to stand up for their cousins or family in general!
  • Team work: Now, this is something that not just the kids but even elders would be grateful for. We would have this amazing work balance among the family members that would reduce the stress of getting work done. The whole family would work as a team during the thick and thin times.
  • Great Support System: As kids always need support or encouragement family is always there! No matter what the situation may be we would have our family members support.

Here in the blog post I am not trying to differentiate between Joint Families V/S Nuclear Families but “Joint Families OR Nuclear Families” who have good relations with other members of the family.

 Purpose of this blog is to convey a little message as how Kids in India would an amazing childhood with family always around. A joint family or a nuclear family, fun times, emergency times or celebration time, they would all be together!

As rightly said,

All for One and One for All. – The Musketeers.

Alexandre Dumas

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Sadvika Kylash


Indian Railways launches an Android App for reserving the unreserved tickets!

People, here is something that you want to cheer for! The Indian Railways has tried its hands on the technology and has come up with an Android mobile app that would help the commuters to reserve the tickets in the unreserved category. The Indian Railways takes this amazing opportunity to explore the technology and to initiate the ePaper as in the paperless ticket system.

On Tuesday one senior Railway Ministry official made the announcement for this launch. He said that the Indian Railways has come forward to take the initiative for launching the mobile based and paperless applications for the unreserved tickets which would start from today!

The app is named as the UTS and it would be available from the Google Play store. This Android app is been developed by the Centre for the Railway Information System which is aka CRIS. When the commuter books the a ticked by this app, then he need not take a print out of that ticket but can show the soft copy on the cellphone to the TTE.

Its not just aimed at avoiding the paper work in terms of the green initiative for the paperless ticket system, it would benefit the commuters in a big way. It saves time for the passengers as it would avoid them to lining up at the ticket window!

Once we download the Android app UTS, the user would receive a registration ID code which is used as the electronic wallet. For buying the tickets through this app the money is to be loaded with the e-wallet mobile payment as the online payment or at any counter at a station.

An Official said that the passenger can recharge his e-wallet with the credit card or the debit card on the IRCTC website. Not just booking tickets the passenger can even renew the season tickets by using the UTS app. This was tried in Mumbai suburban station for a check for the app based ticketing system. The officials even said that the BlackBerry devices would receive the app later.

Rapes In India v/s The Society v/s The Policies!

Saw the BBC Documentary!

The ban by the Government is just not done! If the Government wants to Ban something the BAN those Ministers who speak out utter nonsense about Women, Rape and so called a Good Girl.

I stand up; do my part for the Justice! Just a share for this video won’t really change anything or stop the number of rapes in India. It is just the matter of awareness!

Women are just not someone who takes care of home, cook food and do house work! We can do better than MEN!

Parents: Stop saying us how to be, what to Wear and how to Talk! Instead, teach your SON how to behave like a GENTLEMAN!
STOP saying that Girls don’t go out and work it is so shameful. What the hell is so shameful about a Girl Working? Even We contribute to our families!

Government: Give instant Punishment for those who commit such crimes. Such that no one else would even dare to Comment on Women as he did or few Ministers did!

– This is what I share on Facebook after seeing the ‘India’s Daughter’ by the BBC Journalist.

I was indeed hurt! Yes, it pains! Yes I had tears! Government decision for this to ban the Documentary won’t help. If the documentary Ban or No Ban won’t change much. The mindset of the people here in India should change.

People like the Defence lawyers went on to say that Women don’t have any place in our culture! Oh yea?? Who the hell gave you birth? Why did you let her live? Why did you marry a Woman and have Children?

No! It’s not the Women fault. We are not at fault. If the government has to take any action or at-least Act that it is doing something to tackle this then catch them. As a lawyer went on records saying that he would take his Daughter to his farm house and burn her alive. Well, this would be a good punishment for those who commit the Crime!

#ItsHerFault says the accused and the defence lawyers. Why? They both say that a Good Girl doesn’t goes out after evening. Girl should not wear jeans. Girls should not talk to guys. Well then, what do they have to say about a 2 year old girl being raped? What do they have to say for months girl gets raped?

It has nothing to do with the attire you Idiot!!! These views and they should not be entertained any more. Sack these lawyers! Give maximum punishment for those who commit! Actually, the Centre should not only promote the “Swatch Bharath” they should promote the same in terms of the crime.

It should clean the politics. This would be challenge to the government, as of one of the lawyer said on the documentary that about 250 sitting members of the Parliament have pending rape cases against them. I dare the government do this; I would be proud of the government than before.

Why ban Valentines’ day? Why not BAN those Ministers who give such senseless statements. When a minister says Boys will be boys. Then it is the Boy’s fault. Why blame the girl, you idiot Minister.

One Minister goes on record saying that, why should she be out at night at 3am? Well, the time that doesn’t matters, Minister!! Dressing provokes? Well, how would that Minister/Men justify this statement when a 2 year girl is raped!

Well, change this shit mindset Ministers/Lawyers so called Men!

Ministers, India is watching You!

Sadvika. Kylash.

ISRO Mars Mission Team won the prestigious space pioneer award!

India has done it! The Mars Mission gets its reward! ISRO’s Mars Mission team has won the prestigious Space Pioneer Award, 2015. In the category of Science and Engineering, recognizing the achievement by the team in the very first attempt!

The Space Pioneer Award was given by the National Space Society, which would be presented to the ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Programme Team during the National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference, 2015 which is to be held in Toronto in May from 02 to 24.

The Mars Orbiter Mission was launched on November 5, 2013 and it was in the Mars orbit on September 24, 2014.

The National Space Society, in an official statement said that the mission archived two important missions. First being the, Indian spacecraft has gone into the orbit around Mars on the very first attempt on 24th of September. India succeeded it in the first attempt, which no country has ever done.

The second is the spacecraft is in elliptical orbit with a high apoapsis, which is the point which is orbiting objects is farthest away from the body in the orbit. It also has the high resolution camera which is taking full disk color imagery of Mars.

The Indian Mission to Mars cost around $74 million, which is the cheapest space mission ever, it is even less that a Hollywood film as said by Mr. Modi. US and Russia were the first to the Mission Mars, but neither of them did it in the first attempt.

ISRO’s Mangalyaan mission earned a tag of being one among the best inventions of 2014 by the Indian Magazine. It described as a technology that would allow India to flex its “Interplanetary muscles.”

NRI’s can e-vote within 8 weeks, SC issues orders to Center!

Now, NRI’s will be able to cast their vote from abroad. As the Supreme Court orders, NRI’s don’t have to fly back home to cast there vote during the time of elections. The SC directed this issue to the Central Government and make the e-voting available to the NRI’s with in eight weeks.

The Central Government said that the court has approved the e-voting for the Indian passport holders who stay in abroad, as it was recommended by the Election Commission and this would applicable after amending laws.

The Supreme Court ordered the Center that the e-ballot should be applicable at the earliest. As their are about 11 million NRI’s estimated from across the world. This act by the Supreme Court will allow them to participate and caste their vote directly in the elections, the largest democratic country, India.

The process of the e-voting is done as the blank postal ballot paper which is emailed to the voter, the voter has to fill the form and mail the same to their constituency.

Back in 2010, the government allowed the right to vote to the NRI’s, but ordered them to be present in their constituency at the time of voting. But this e-voting involves very less risk and their would be no manipulation because their would no violation of the secrecy in this system, said the Election Commission.

Before the SC took over, the Election Commission has two options of allowing the NRI’s to caste their vote, the Electronic Voting Machines be kept in the embassies when they can personally go and vote or the proxy voting.

But Mr. VS Sampath, Chief Election Commissioner said that the Electronic Voting Machine was not possible as in some nations NRI’s are more in number, as equal to the native population, and the embassies would not be able to handle the rush.

Technology Should Reach the Poor! Says PM

On Saturday, Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi said that the Science helped our country to shape into modern India and even congratulated all the scientists for their dedication and pioneering work that they have contributed and that work placed the nation in the forefront globally.

Mr. Modi, at the 102nd session of the Indian Science Congress, said while addressing the people, “ Science has helped shape modern India.. It was the pioneering projects undertaken by our scientists that build outstanding institutions with modest resources.. That helped place India at the forefront of the world in many areas.”

While addressing he said that the nation’s progress is inter-linked with the human development and to the science & technology. He even said that, if slightly mishandled, then it could also increase inequality and damage the environment.

They both are connected, and it can remove national barriers, unify the world and even gets peace to the world. As the Science and Technology would get nations, wether poor or rich together and face the global challenges.

He even congratulated the ISRO, Indian Space Research Organization for its achievement of placing the Mangalyan in the Mars orbit on its First attempt. “Whenever the world shut its doors on us, our scientists responded with zeal of a national mission”. Prime Minister said.

He also said that the Science and Technology should reach everyone in our country. Rich or poor, should have the access to Technology. He said that, the arms of Science and Technology and even Innovation should reach the poorest, the remotest and to the vulnerable persons.

The Indian Science Congress which is at the University of Mumbai would see deliberation and even the presentations of papers by scientists and Nobel laureates from around the world.

Since, after 45 years, the Science Congress has returned to Mumbai and so this would showcasing Mumbai as the science hub and also the financial capital of India.