Indian Railways launches an Android App for reserving the unreserved tickets!

People, here is something that you want to cheer for! The Indian Railways has tried its hands on the technology and has come up with an Android mobile app that would help the commuters to reserve the tickets in the unreserved category. The Indian Railways takes this amazing opportunity to explore the technology and to initiate the ePaper as in the paperless ticket system.

On Tuesday one senior Railway Ministry official made the announcement for this launch. He said that the Indian Railways has come forward to take the initiative for launching the mobile based and paperless applications for the unreserved tickets which would start from today!

The app is named as the UTS and it would be available from the Google Play store. This Android app is been developed by the Centre for the Railway Information System which is aka CRIS. When the commuter books the a ticked by this app, then he need not take a print out of that ticket but can show the soft copy on the cellphone to the TTE.

Its not just aimed at avoiding the paper work in terms of the green initiative for the paperless ticket system, it would benefit the commuters in a big way. It saves time for the passengers as it would avoid them to lining up at the ticket window!

Once we download the Android app UTS, the user would receive a registration ID code which is used as the electronic wallet. For buying the tickets through this app the money is to be loaded with the e-wallet mobile payment as the online payment or at any counter at a station.

An Official said that the passenger can recharge his e-wallet with the credit card or the debit card on the IRCTC website. Not just booking tickets the passenger can even renew the season tickets by using the UTS app. This was tried in Mumbai suburban station for a check for the app based ticketing system. The officials even said that the BlackBerry devices would receive the app later.

Technology Should Reach the Poor! Says PM

On Saturday, Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi said that the Science helped our country to shape into modern India and even congratulated all the scientists for their dedication and pioneering work that they have contributed and that work placed the nation in the forefront globally.

Mr. Modi, at the 102nd session of the Indian Science Congress, said while addressing the people, “ Science has helped shape modern India.. It was the pioneering projects undertaken by our scientists that build outstanding institutions with modest resources.. That helped place India at the forefront of the world in many areas.”

While addressing he said that the nation’s progress is inter-linked with the human development and to the science & technology. He even said that, if slightly mishandled, then it could also increase inequality and damage the environment.

They both are connected, and it can remove national barriers, unify the world and even gets peace to the world. As the Science and Technology would get nations, wether poor or rich together and face the global challenges.

He even congratulated the ISRO, Indian Space Research Organization for its achievement of placing the Mangalyan in the Mars orbit on its First attempt. “Whenever the world shut its doors on us, our scientists responded with zeal of a national mission”. Prime Minister said.

He also said that the Science and Technology should reach everyone in our country. Rich or poor, should have the access to Technology. He said that, the arms of Science and Technology and even Innovation should reach the poorest, the remotest and to the vulnerable persons.

The Indian Science Congress which is at the University of Mumbai would see deliberation and even the presentations of papers by scientists and Nobel laureates from around the world.

Since, after 45 years, the Science Congress has returned to Mumbai and so this would showcasing Mumbai as the science hub and also the financial capital of India.