Kids, who grow up in India!

This blog post is for #SpeakEasyChallange2.0 with Ruchi and Dipikia.

My India….!

Well, as momlifeandlifestyle is all about Parenting and Lifestyle, I would like to keep my theme almost same for this blog post as well.

Here in India, we mostly have Joint Families or families that are not living together but have really good relations with the other members of the family. In this blog I would like to discuss few of the points that I love about or Indian culture…

 Kids, who grew up in India:

 Joint Families or Nuclear Families who have good relations with other members of the Family:

  • Grandparents and some Amazing stories: Well, this combination cannot be separated. Grandparents always have stories to tell to grandchildren who enjoy a lot. They can spend like hours together listen to those stories.
  • Sharing would be the Early Life Lesson: As in a Joint Family there would be more that two kids and that make them be aware of sharing things. Right from early childhood sharing is thought and they would love to share it too. And with sharing, I would like to go upon the next point..
  • Share few things with other family members: As kids grow up, there would be few things that cannot be share with parents. Then kids could go to a family member to share or to get help. They would always have/get help.
  • Learn to adjust: As kids being kids! They fight, they play, and they laugh. This quality makes them learn to adjust with other kids. As they would have an idea of what the other wants. Our involvement is not needed. They fight and within a minute or so they get back together and play again. As said, kids being kids, after all. (Something that we, adults have to learn)
  • Double the Happiness:  This is for sure! No matter what the situation is one happy moment would make all the difference. And this type of home environment would make kids to be ‘Happy Kids’. And not just the Happiness but the Sorrows are also divided. The most important lesson for kids.
  • With cousins, Time passes by: This is such a fact! As in a Joint Families kids would have first cousins living in the same house. And they would have the best time. They would play together for quite a sometime. And yes, sometimes fights do happen. But they would play among themselves and as they grow up, kids would have the best company ever! Be it going out, chilling, doing some activity or studying — (just kidding) haha!
  • Trips are crazy: More the people, more the fun! This is true in case of joint family trips! They would be ultimate fun for kids. We adult might be interested in visiting different places but kids would be rather interested in playing. Come on, they are kids and won’t be much interested in places and its history. Yes, unless it’s a play area or a theme park!
  • Kids are never neglected: There might be times where the parent is busy with some work and could not attend kids. Kids would have other family members to go to. This makes them feel not neglected. The best of living in a Joint Family.
  • Celebrations are Fun: Any small good news would be a celebration. Birthdays and Anniversaries would be not less than an event to be celebrated. Celebrations in joint families would be ultimate grand events within family. Kids love celebrations, and so do we!
  • Kitchen is always busy: As there would be many people, the kitchen would be always busy with something or the other. And also as kids grow up they would love to have variety of snacks with their cousins.
  • Amazing Advices: People in a Joint Family would never be short of advices. As every member of the family would try to help each other when the other needs an advice or a suggestion. And kids with these amazing people helping with amazing advices would be helpful for them in long termbe it in taking advices or giving one!
  • Emergency Time: Kids learn from us! Emergencies are the times when we have to be with our family. No matter what time, if there is an emergency, we would have help right away! And is something that kids learn and be aware of the fact that they have to stand up for their cousins or family in general!
  • Team work: Now, this is something that not just the kids but even elders would be grateful for. We would have this amazing work balance among the family members that would reduce the stress of getting work done. The whole family would work as a team during the thick and thin times.
  • Great Support System: As kids always need support or encouragement family is always there! No matter what the situation may be we would have our family members support.

Here in the blog post I am not trying to differentiate between Joint Families V/S Nuclear Families but “Joint Families OR Nuclear Families” who have good relations with other members of the family.

 Purpose of this blog is to convey a little message as how Kids in India would an amazing childhood with family always around. A joint family or a nuclear family, fun times, emergency times or celebration time, they would all be together!

As rightly said,

All for One and One for All. – The Musketeers.

Alexandre Dumas

And that is the end guys. Hope you all like it. Do let me know in the comment section below of what you think.  And do share your opinion on the same!

This Blog post if written for SpekEasyChallange 2.0 hosted by Ruchie and Dipika.

I would like to thank them for the opportunity. With more than 25 amazing bloggers in this challenge, it is very exciting to be a part of it and to read others blogs on the same.


See you all next time!!

Stay connected.


Sadvika Kylash


35 thoughts on “Kids, who grow up in India!

  1. I felt nostalgic reading your well written post. I remember when me and all my cousins used to meet during festivals and special occasions used to he a blast. Close knit families are seen mostly in India and we are blessed

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very well written dear and I agree kids in India have beautiful childhood. specially with joint family support, they learn to adjust with many things and we as a parent also get a support in managing various challenging and emergency situations.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Childhood memories with cousins are the most cherished ones. The close-knit families living together or nuclear do give ample love and care to children as well as parents.


  4. Great post, showcasing the beautiful family lives and memories we cherish. Joint family, time with cousins, celebrations all are fun and give a happy healthy bond in a family.


  5. Lovely post explaining how we are fortunate enough to have been brought up in an family environment and pass on the culture to kids 🤩


  6. We Indians are lucky to have closely knitted and bonded families.. We understand the value of relationships.. Thank god I am an Indian. 😀


  7. My mom always says that she never realised when we grew up coz we were raised in a joint family set up … its true that joint family can make life much more cheerful


  8. Really we are so lucky that we spent our childhood in India.Joint families, festivals, rituals, all are amazing and create a strong bond among all


  9. All for One and One for All. – The Musketeers.
    I am a family person, I would happily send my kids to places in family atmosphere because we as kids had an amazing childhood because if our joint family, and since now everyones busy in each other’s lives we still take out time for each other and I really find myself lucky to live in sich amazing family, I think every child should grow up in the same atmosphere.


  10. You have expressly beautifully the benefits of still living in india. there is no replacement for family, the structure, the support and the love and stories that grandparents tell 🙂


  11. This is completely true. In India kids get grandparents love , learn how to adjust in various situations and all the points you have mentioned..


  12. Your post has been a trip down the memory lane for me. We used to be surrounded by large families and sharing, adjustment was instilled early in life. Truly said, kids in India have a special upbringing. 🙂


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